Doctor Tanima is one of the very few doctors I have met who are totally honest in their role as A DOCTOR and not just make it a job or profession. I have been taking her services (not one but various) and known her for the past more than 7 months.
I have had the chance to even know a few of her other patients.
Everyone is so satisfied with her treatment and her follow ups.
She even goes out of her way to deal with each patient’s queries, doubts and problems.
As a person also she is a wonderful human being to know.

I have SUCCESSFULLY RE-LACTATED under her guidance … thanks to her for checking on me each day and night during my journey! Motivating and guiding me all through my highs and lows for this takes a toll on you and your hormones go playing.
She made my family aware of all this as well and never rushed through any consultations.

I can go on and on about her… being a mother it makes a huge difference to her some one like her have your back.

Maa si care ….. YOU CARED LIKE A MOTHER !!!

Look forward to all your pre and post natal session too with my second one � if at all