Pregnancy is the time when you get to hear a piece of advice from your pesky next door, quite snobby, aunty, too!! You will be surprised to know the old ‘Dadi-Nani ke nuskhe’ had always been correct with a scientific base and evidence.


Make your dining plate look like a colorful rainbow! Incorporate many nutrient-dense fresh green vegetables and fiber-rich fruits in your daily diet to ease out the symptoms like constipation. Fruits and vegetables like spinach, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, carrots, oranges, etc. provide micronutrients and have antioxidant properties which kill the free radicals. Daily consumption of 100 to 120 grams of protein is recommended from eggs, meat, poultry, pulses, dal, cereal, milk, and milk products. Mothers who eat dry fruits in their pregnancies birth babies having fewer allergies to nuts.

Gulp down a gallon of water daily!

Did you know that our body is more than 60% of water? Pregnant females require to drink more water to keep a balance of the amniotic fluid inside the uterus for the baby, plus many times pregnancy is accompanied by vomiting and nausea which might cause dehydration. Lots of fluid consumption in the form of freshly squeezed, homemade, sugar-free juices, buttermilk, and coconut water is recommended.

The importance of supplements in pregnancy is known to all and sundry. Consumption of supplements like Folic acid, Iron, and Calcium, prescribed by your gynecologist, will help to develop the brain and overcome neural tube defects of the baby along with strengthening its bones, muscles, and teeth.

Don’t be a couch potato!! Keep your heart pumping and stay active by practicing simple exercises like a brisk walk, yoga, or meditation, unless your doctor has advised otherwise. This will in turn strengthen the muscles of the back, thighs, and pelvic region of the mother and provide endurance during delivery. You might want to take up a prenatal exercise class or practice the Lamaze technique and Kegels exercise. Endorphins or the happy hormones released during this process can help you combat stress and reduce undue excess weight.

Always prefer to sleep on the left side as it does not compress any important blood vessels which supply blood to the fetus.

Slap on lotion on that baby bump!

Apply moisturizer regularly on your tummy to avoid stretch marks. Researchers believe it to be genetically transferred. But keeping the skin soft and supple has never hurt any mother. Goin for a self-pampering spa session or a foot rub and get relaxed.

 Always try to wear a seat belt while traveling or driving it protects you from the sudden jerks on the roads.

You can safely go for air travel prior to 32 weeks. All the scanners, metal detectors, and conveyor belts on the airport are pregnancy safe.

Enjoy intimacy safely- It might be interesting to know that intercourse is not off-limits. The baby is bundled up in layers of tissues, muscles, amniotic fluid and cannot be harmed easily. Care should be taken that the mother is in a comfortable position and the sex is not too penetrative.

Snooze and let your body rest!

Pregnancy can make you feel tired constantly. Do not be in a conflict with your body. Binge-watching Netflix series at night may turn you into a zombie the next morning. Sleep has got the power to almost restart your brain. A well slept mom means a healthier and smarter baby!!

Just 1 Cuppa!

We know the struggle to open your eyes without gulping down a cup of coffee but being pregnant might demand you to go easy on Caffeine. It is best if you can avoid tea and coffee completely, if not one or two cups daily does not cause major harm.

Keep those pearly whites healthy!

 Dental hygiene cannot be neglected by expecting mums. Dental sepsis can make a mother ill systemically.


Do not be the guinea pig of your own experiment and pop pills mindlessly. Always consult your gynecologist before taking any medicine.

Avoid sitting in the same position as in a chair for prolonged periods as it may cause pooling of the blood and hamper smooth circulation. Sleeping on the back is not advised as it may compress the major blood vessel supplying blood to your baby.

Pregnancy cravings can make you want to eat street foods but they should be strictly avoided as they lack nutrients and the hygiene level is questionable. Stay away from packed and processed foods. They can cause diabetes or hypertension. Doctors consider 9 to 15 kg of weight gain as healthy. So think twice before finishing the entire tub of ice cream! Avoid spicy, fried foods as they may cause acidity and heartburn. Avoid seafood like fish that are high in Mercury content. Prefer fully cooked fish like salmon, herring, sardines, mackerel, and trout. They contain Omega 3 fatty acid which is extremely good for a baby’s brain development. Eating raw papaya and pineapple may sometimes lead to premature delivery. Give up your vices like smoking, alcohol consumption, or drugs. It can retard a baby’s growth. Studies have shown that even secondary smoking can be dangerous and cause genetic defects in the baby.

Wearing heels, unless you are very confident that you might not create a tripping runway mishap scene, is fine. Try wearing flat footwear with a good, thick soul.

Avoid heavy weight lifting and strenuous exercises as they may cause bleeding and rupture of the amniotic sac.

Follow these simple steps and be ready to welcome your tiny tot, the greatest gift of life.