Tips on mindful eating

— The very first step to mindful eating is to choose the smallest plate in your house. Take that plate and serve your portions and sit.

— Sit down to eat in a calm environment with minimal distractions. It is your time with your food. Dont eat while driving, watching TV, while texting, etc.

— Add 1 exchange of raw or cooked vegetables right before the main meal and use a fork to eat it. Try setting a minimum number of chews per bite.

— Look at your plate and see how colorful it is and what good it is going to do to your body. Sense the aroma and question yourself about its nutrition.

— Take a fork or chop stick to eat your meal. If youre eating roti-sabji, take very small bites of the roti and more vegetables. Chew 30 times or more per bite and gulp it down.

— Set your time to eat. At least 20-30 minutes for each meal and preferably even longer at dinner. This will set your relationship with food.

— When you eat slowly, it improves your health in more ways than one. It leads to better digestion, better absorption, reduced bloating, acidity & constipation as well as aids weight management.

So eat slowly, chew properly and live healthy!