Scientific GarbhSanskar

We all have heard of the thrilling story from Mahabharata of how Abhimanyu, the son of Arjuna, learnt the secret war strategy to enter the Chakra-vyuha, IN THE WOMB ITSELF!!

While this might be considered as just a fable by many, the western medical world also has proved that the prenatal training for the mind of the unborn child in the womb, helps to enhance the child’s personality. Every moment is a learning moment for the baby, even before its birth.

80% of your baby’s brain development happens in the womb itself. The daily activities carried out by the mother has a powerful impact on the unborn baby, so much so that it can change the very basic traits of the baby’s DNA. This has been rightly called “Genetic Re-Writing” by western researchers.

Garbhasanskar is an age-old Indian Vedic secret that scientifically trains the mind of your unborn child to develop desired personality traits. It holds the potential to change the future of any child.

A mother is a child’s first teacher. She can enrich the baby with a lot of wisdom by following some easy and simple steps which will be refreshing for her and life-altering for her baby.

Ayurveda has laid down a few basic guidelines for mothers to follow & make their journey of Garbhasanskar easy.

What can be the right time to start Garbhasanskar?

Garbhasanskar dates back to thousands of years, where the mother or the expecting couple is deliberately exposed only to pleasant experiences. The preparation begins right from the planning phase a few months before pregnancy, lasts throughout pregnancy, and extends through breastfeed phase till the toddler is about 2 years of age.


Be selective of what you listen and watch or say!

Have you ever wondered how kids of singers are melodious singers right from their childhood? This relates back to Garbhsanskar, as the baby is constantly hearing good music since a tender age it can easily replicate it faster than the rest.

The child develops ears in the womb at 3months of age. After that, it hears everything around it. If a mother introduces peaceful music, it reaches the baby strongly. European researchers have studied that when classical music was played in utero for the baby it triggered language and mathematical centers of the baby’s brain, making it excel in school grades also. Gentle sounds & melodies can calm down the baby’s heart rate and put it to sleep in the womb too. And if the same sound is played once the baby is born it can magically pacify a crying baby. Musical instruments like sitar, veena, or a flute can also be played for therapeutic purposes. A peaceful aura is sure to surround you! Here we cannot emphasize the chanting of “Om” by the mother. It creates positive vibrations, relaxes, and soothes the baby completely. Reciting prayers, having a feeling of gratitude for the tiny gift of life from the Almighty, is very humbling. Reading holy books and scriptures can induce a myriad change in your baby. You will be unknowingly transferring all the wisdom, down to your little one. Watch only what is constructive. Avoid loud noises, as they may startle the baby in the womb. Mindless screen time is of no good, rather a mom can engage in hobbies, be it singing, writing, painting, cooking, gardening, etc. it will also keep your baby entertained.


Stay active!

Master the breathing techniques like Pranayams, meditation, etc. Breathe in positivity and happiness, breathe out negativity and doubt. A few Yogasanas have been studied to be helpful to reduce the backaches in mothers and facilitate a normal delivery at full-term. A simple brisk walk could also help to pump more blood towards the baby.

Exercising releases happy hormones and helps to bust away all the stress accumulated in the body. It acts as a restart button for your mind body and soul.


Watch out for what goes in your tummy!

Ayurveda emphasizes the inclusion of 5 rasas in a mother’s diet for a smarter progeny. Panchamrut must be consumed as per your doctor’s advice. Whole foods like fruits, vegetables, grains, cereals, sprouts, etc. should be incorporated into your diet as they contain vital vitamins, folic acid, and calcium for your baby’s brain, skeletal and muscular growth. Regular consumption of cow ghee, milk has worked wonders in many cases.

As rightly said by Napoleon, “educate a mother and she will help the nation rise”. We are surrounded by many negative elements in society, every mother has the power to bring a positive, happy, healthy kid in this society and be an instrumental part of a massive change. Let us all build our future society with high moral values.

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