Lactomagic Sugar Free – Lactation supplement for Increased Breast Milk Supply


LACTOMAGIC (Lactation Mix) has been designed by Lactation Consultants with a team of dieticians.Presence Of Ayurvedic Herbs Like Shatavari,Pippari, Ashwagandha etc promotes healthy Lactation. With Added multigrains for early recovery after childbirth. This nutritive Blend Boosts Metabolism In Young Mothers.



LACTOMAGIC (Lactation Supplement) serves as a home remedy enriched with herbs for Increased Breast Milk Supply for Lactating mothers. It is 100% Sugar-free so it is safe for Diabetic mothers.

This is a Vegetarian product.

  • With no added sugar
  • Safe for diabetc mothers.
  • Increases breast milk
  • Stress buster as it has herbs like Ashwagandha.
  • Boosts Immunity as it contains herbs.
  • Wholesome- Multi grains added in this mix provides macro as well as micro nutrients i.e. Vitamins and Minerals like Calcium , Zinc
  • Helps in early recovery.

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