Pregnancy & Covid 19 Vaccine

The COVID-19 pandemic has claimed millions of lives to date and continues to do so. The discovery of the COVID-19 vaccine is considered a breakthrough in medical discoveries. While the world rejoices on this, there are many doubts and questions clouding the minds of the public.

Every woman dreams of enjoying her pregnancy to the fullest. It is indeed a time of fun and frolic for the entire family. But since last year this Joy-festival has been associated with fear. When the entire world started seeing signs of hope, pregnant female still had their share of doubts.

If you are in a fix, whether or not to get vaccinated during pregnancy then you have come to the right place!!

Dr. Tanima Singhal, pregnancy and lactation consultant, owner, and co-founder of Maa-Si Care addresses all the pressing concerns of expecting mothers in these trying times of the pandemic caused by a coronavirus.

A pregnant woman has the chance of getting COVID twice in comparison to others, as her immunity is already compromised because of pregnancy. The benefits of getting vaccinated, outweigh the risk associated with it. Non-vaccinated pregnant women, suffering from COVID-19 can fall prey to hazardous after-effects, as serious as premature delivery risking the life of the baby. Answers of most asked questions during pregnancy related to covid-19.

Covid 19
  1. Has the vaccine for COVID-19 been tested in pregnant women?

Many manufacturers undertook a large study, before the mass-scale production of the vaccine. People enrolled in the studies were both men and women. The initial study stated that pregnant women were excluded from the study as the outcome of this vaccine was uncertain. During the course of this clinical trial, a few women became pregnant and even breastfeed very safely. This shows that the vaccine is completely safe and does not cause any abnormal genetic changes in the baby if expecting mothers were to take the vaccine.

The manufacturers also conducted studies on pregnant animals and administered large dosages of vaccine, almost double the amount that is actually given now. The study showed no side effects on pregnant animals.

  • So are these vaccines really safe for pregnant women?

This vaccine is inactivated and very similar to the ones that are generally administered during pregnancy like influenza or T-dap. Studies have shown that the vaccine is basically made up of M-R N A and adenovirus DNA factors which break down to be proteinaceous in nature. The government directives state that pregnant females can choose to be vaccinated. But we urge all of them to weigh the risk associated with COVID and get vaccinated by choice. It will keep the mother and the baby away from any untoward situation.

Unborn Baby
  • Does it affect the unborn baby?

The baby is provided with nutrition, oxygen, water, and blood supply through the placenta which connects it to the mother. A very few drugs have the potential to cross this placental barrier and reach the baby.COVID vaccine is not one of those. Studies show that vertical transmission of COVID is not possible. After the mother is vaccinated, her body responds to it by producing antibodies. These antibodies are sure to pass through the placenta to the baby and increase its immunological response.

  • Can vaccine be transferred by placenta?

It cannot be transferred directly to the baby, it only protects the baby from infections as it receives antibodies from the mother. So, it can be considered as a blessing in disguise to increase the immunity of the unborn fetus. Be assured that it will not cause any deleterious effect on your child.

Getting vaccinated does not mean that you will never contact COVID-19 but if it all you fall prey to COVID-19 then it can definitely reduce the severity of the symptoms and make you endure them with strength.

Pregnant females having other disorders or co-morbidities like allergy, having a recent infection, suffering from a viral breakdown, or consuming any kind of blood thinners should consult their doctor and only then think of getting vaccinated. These conditions are not exactly red flags forgetting vaccinated but your doctor can suggest modifications of various drugs while getting vaccinated.

For further assistance and information, feel free to get in touch with Dr. Tanima Singhal.