*Tanima Ma’am* and the guidance and support she has provided me are the reasons why I have been able to *exclusively breastfeed* my daughter from the very next day of her birth.
Being a mother changes an entire being and the first time is always filled with doubts, concerns & anxiety of being a good mom and I would not be wrong to say that Tanima Ma’am was always there for me even for the smallest of the concerns and doubts I had.
From the very beginning I was determined to take the Garbh sanskar session and that’s how I found her on facebook. Had I not taken *Antenatal sessions* with her including the *Garbh Sanskar* I would have repented for the rest of my life. One of the best moments I remember was when I reached her clinic directly from my office and she had prepared the room with flowers, candles and music to give me that beautiful & special feeling and her statement that “I did all this for you to make you feel relaxed because I knew you were coming directly from the office.” made me feel so special that I actually don’t have words to express that feeling. We ended that session with a Big Hug that day and while mentioning this I can still feel that warmth and love.
Also whenever anyone says that your daughter is so calm and gets along smilingly with everyone I feel so proud to have taken Garbh Sanskar sessions and dedicatedly following it throughout my pregnancy. Being an empath and a highly spiritual person I find it difficult to connect with many people but after meeting Tanima Ma’am during my pregnancy I felt so happy with the kind of energy she has and her positive aura made me realize that she is certainly a God sent Angel for me. I am so at ease to know that someone like her exists for all moms. She is truly living by the name
*Maa-si care* in true letter and spirit by being a caring mom for all the new & would be mommies.
Love you so much Ma’am!