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Packed, ready-mix boxes, sitting on the shelves of supermarkets, claiming to provide the best nutrition, are nothing but just an advertisement gimmick!!! Just a quick read of the label can burst this ‘healthy aura’ which these boxes carry.

We are here with our Genext drink or as many health junkies like to call this as an elixir for great health. Grab this super-slurpy, delicious drink and you will be covered for your nutrition requirements for the whole day.

Dr. Mix: A Complete & Natural Family Nutrition

Presenting the all-new, DR. MIX, specially curated by a doctor, who understands your personal and the entire families’ nutritional needs. Available in two different forms. You can opt for a mildly sweetened or a sugar-free version of Dr. Mix. Just two spoonful’s to quenchyour body’s nutritional thirst and a quick breakfast option.

This is the real “two-minute” snack, which can be prepared quickly and without any hassles.

Dr. Mix: A Complete & Natural Family Nutrition 2

What goodness have we put in?

Dr. Mix is completely natural, family nutritional drink, derived from multigrains and dry fruits. It is a perfect blend of proteins, carbohydrates, natural vitamins, minerals and fibers. It is a 100% certified vegetarian product.

It includes a wide variety of of pulses like moong dal, green gram, split red lentil,indian brown lentils i.emasoor dal, yellow pigeon peas, kidney beansi.e Rajma, green pea, black gram i.eurad dal,turkish gram i.emoth dal, brown chickpeasi.e kala chana, black-eyed peas etc. Cereals include an array of the whole wheat, rice, barley sorghum&millet.We also included a fewdry fruits like almonds and cashews.

Measuring and consuming, recommended daily allowances of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins can be quite confusing for a lay man. Dr. Mix, has made this tedious task easier by proportioning each ingredient in an easy to use form.

This mix is rich in proteins which help to build muscle mass, carbohydrates which act as a fuel for your body to function smoothly and fats which keep the nervous system healthy. It is also fortified with essential vitamins and minerals. Calcium is extremely essential to form stronger bones and teeth and. Folic acid it is known to develop the brain of a growing baby. The high fiber content keeps you full for a longer time and also helpes you to combat problems like constipation during pregnancy.

Dr. Mix: A Complete & Natural Family Nutrition 3

How is Dr.Mix prepared?

Only the top quality nuts, cereals and pulses are handpicked and dry roasted. This step keeps the nutrient value of the grains intact and also makes it easier for digestion. The roasted mix is then pulsed at slow speed to form a coarse powder. The resultant powder is rich in fiber as the grains are not separated from their husk or outer covering. Thorough sanitization is maintained and every step is monitored by our nutritionists and quality control assessment team.

What do we keep out?

  1. Preservatives – We unknowingly consume heaps of preservatives through all the food that we eat, be it packed or fresh.  We pick-up only organically grown grains and do not pack it with preservativesto make the mixture last longer in the containers. We eliminate preservatives atboth these stages, ensuring that cancer-causing preservatives like nitrates or nitrosamines are kept at bay.
  • Added natural sugars- Be assured that the sugar free version of Dr. Mix does not contain any sugar, even the ones which are derived from the natural sources. However, our sweeter version contains sugar in minimal quantities to increase the satiety of our product. Diabetics as well as non-diabetics can relish this treat without a second thought.
  • Cholesterol& Trans fatty acids- Cholesterol and Trans fatty acids are the worst things that you can ever think of putting into your mouth. It also kills the good cholesterol increasing the chances of heart attacks. We have deliberately chosen to keep you away from this poison.
Dr. Mix: A Complete & Natural Family Nutrition 4

Who all can devour this tasty treat?

Bodybuilders– Gym freaks are always the on the lookout of protein shakes as their pre or post workout meal. Dr. Mix can be an indulging and a wholesome snack for them.

Weight watchers– Obese people need to cut down on unhealthy foods and get a serving of foods filled with goodness of proteins, carbs and fat in a balanced proportion. Dr. Mix control your weight in a magical way.

Expecting mothers– To-be mums need to be consuming nutritious food not only for themselves but also for the tiny tot sitting inside their bellies, completely dependent on them for every ounce of nutrition. No mother will want to provide poor nutrition for her developing baby. It is a must try for every expecting mother.

Lactating mothers – A few foods have been studiedto provide strength to the new mother during lactation. Regular consumption of  this completely balanced, whole food powder, can increase lactation.

Children– This can be a complete food for toddlers or even babies post 6 months, who have just started with their solid intake of foods. We are sure they will keep on asking you for more.

Older individuals– Aged persons often consume fewer foods which lead to various deficiencies in their bodies. Daily consumption of Dr. Mix will revive the aging body and replenish it with essential vitamins.

Dig into this yummy wholesome food at breakfast or even as a mid-day snack and safeguard your immunity today itself!