Diet for breatfeeding mothers


The actual process of incorporating a healthy diet into your lifestyle begins as early as your pregnancy. Your body undergoes such a huge hormonal change post-partum that it needs correct nourishment to get back to normal plus when you are breastfeeding whatever you eat all the micronutrients and nutrients from your diet will directly be transferred to the little one via milk. We have to ensure that this milk is a complete food for the baby and makes him healthy.

 Some bizarre food myths heard by a lactating mothers

Do I eat for two now?

Did you know a lactating mother must consume only 500 extra calories than before??

Yes, you heard right you should not load yourself on plenty of food 24*7 with the thought of eating for two, in fact, eat mindfully.

Eating spicy food can cause blindness in the Bub!!

Not at all, in fact, spicy food is not good for the mother herself as it can cause heartburn and be gassy. It has nothing to do with the loss of vision of the little one.



-You should eat small frequent meals every 2 hours. If you keep a big gap between the two meals you may often face problems like acidity.

-A new mother should consume at least 10 to 12 glasses of water in a day. Water is rich in minerals. As 70% of breastmilk is made up of water and frequent feeding can make you feel dehydrated, replenish your body frequently.

 You can try a simple trick like always drink 1 glass of water before and after breastfeeding. Hydration is the key.

-You can consume 2 to 3 glasses of milk daily. You can also so include milk and milk products in your diet. Like buttermilk, curds, cheese, ghee, butter, etc. These all contribute to increasing the protein content and fat content in your milk not necessarily increasing your milk production.

-Dals and pulses are a very rich source of protein and like every Indian household consumes dal, a lactating mother is also advised to have two to three big bowls of these. Do not fear acidity or gases.

-This is the time also to get yourself stalked on green leafy vegetables like Methi, Palak, Fenugreek, or whichever other local green fresh leafy vegetables are available. They are a rich source of Iron and Folic acid and very important for a baby’s brain development.

-You can especially incorporate citrus fruits in your diet like oranges, sweet limes, kiwis, mangoes, grapes apart from all the other fruits. This can help for a better production absorption of Iron from green leafy vegetables.

-Vegetables and fruits increase the fiber content in your body and thus solve the problem of constipation every new mother faces plus Vitamin C-rich fruits foods help in a faster wound healing of a C section delivery or a normal delivery.

-Load yourself on whole foods like grains, cereals, nuts, legumes, sprouts, etc. Do not take recourse to junk food like chips, chocolate, biscuits, bread, etc.

Fill up your refrigerator with all the healthy vegetables and fruits so that you do not make a poor choice when you are in a hunger spike.

-Do not load up on sweet and sugary foods like mithai, chocolates, tinned juices, or soft drinks. These are completely non-nutritive and have just empty calories in the form of sugar. Rather you can opt for or fresh fruit which will have vitamins and fiber. 

-Nowadays oats are in fashion and have been proven to increase lactation among mothers, it can be a good cereal for your breakfast.

-Garlic is a very commonly found vegetable in our Indian Kitchens do not hesitate to use it. Generous amounts can be added to your meals to increase the deliciousness of your dish. It is known that Garlic increases your milk supply by many times.

Limit the intake of tea and coffee as they can cause dehydration. Avoid energy drinks also.

-If you are a non-vegetarian you can get your protein sources from eggs, chicken, fish, or other meat products. However, these should be consumed in moderation as they may sometimes cause gases and acidity in a few mothers.

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-Stop smoking and drinking especially till the time you are exclusively breastfeeding your tiny one.

 -Do not pop pills without a proper doctor’s prescription. Your baby does not need to consume all the medicines that you are consuming for your ailments.