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Online Breastfeeding Made Simple: Increase breastmilk naturally in 15 days

Book a consultation with Maa Si Care, trained doctors by Dr. Tanima Singhal, 14+ years of experience in Women & Child healthcare

Discover the secrets of increasing breast milk naturally, feeding your baby for better growth and recover your body after child birth

It's a Goldmine for you if

You are a new mother

Tips for successful breastmilk supply without body fatigue

You are pregnant

How you can prepare your body to increase breastmilk supply

You have low milk supply

Simple techniques you can follow to increase breast milk supply naturally

You want growth of your baby

Understanding the supply & demand of breastmilk and feeding the baby for better growth

Your baby is underweight

Reasons why your child is not gaining weight and how you can feed the lttle one for  effective weight management

Your baby cries all the time

Understanding the early signals of your baby, what the child wants to convey

You want to start relactation

If you have already switched to formula milk, how you can start breastfeeding your child 

You want to recover & lose weight post pregnancy

How to recover the nutrition lost in pregnancy and how to lose weight and wear your favourite jeans again

You want to maintain shape of the breasts after pregnancy

How to maintain the shapes of breasts after breastfeeding

You have pain in nipple during breastfeeding

How to get rid of soreness and pain in nipple during breastfeeding

If you are a working mom

Tips on how you can store breastmilk for atleast 3 months without losing the freshness

Being a mother of 2 children and a doctor I understand the pain of a mother who has low breast milk supply.

We meet at least 10 mothers daily complaining that their child cries all the time, the baby is underweight and not growing. Due to post pregnancy complications mothers don’t get enough breast milk supply. Hence the baby is dependent on formula milk which is full of artificial ingredients, preservatives and artificial sugar.

Being deprived of breast milk, newborns are less immune to infections, diseases and even premature deaths.

Mothers search on YouTube for solutions to increase their breast milk. But most of the “Gharelu Nuskha” comes from people who are not medically trained. So these tricks don’t really help in the long term moreover can harm your child & cause you chronic back pain for lifelong

We am on a mission to aware new mothers about the risk of formula milk, why breastmilk is called God’s blessing, why breastfeeding is important for lifelong strong immunity of your child

Ethically steal all our 14 Years of experience and breastfeed your child without any issue with our consultation call

Clear all your doubts, get tips and insights on

Hi, I am

Dr. Tanima Singhal

Pregnancy Educator, Lactation Consultant, Women & Child HealthCare Specialist and Founder of Maa Si Care Clinic, Lucknow

I have 14+ years of experience in pregnancy care, woman & child health care. 

I have received Women Excellance & Meri Pehchan Award due to my contibution in women & child  healthcare 

I have helped 2950+ mothers to increase breast milk naturally & they have started breastfeeding their child confidently and enjoying motherhood

Mothers from all over the world have benefited from our guidance and that’s why they have given 4.9 star reviews in Google

1850+ Relactation success stories in last 13 months

Meet Our Experts

Dr Bini Singh, Lactation Consultant

9 years experience
Mother of twins breastfed 
for 2.5 years

Mrs Mahima, Nutritionist and latch expert

5 years experience
Mother of 3 year old girl,
Breastfed for 1.5 years

Dr S Choudhary, Lactation Consultant

17 years experience in
Maternal and Child Health

Don't take my words, search "Dr Tanima Singhal" in Google

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